A taste of India - Teambuilding and Culture

One of the most unique team building activities in India. Its a riotous ‘race off’ with full sized cardboard construction kits. Your teams will also get creative by adding color to this truly indian vehicle. Flat out rickshaw rally is an example of corporate teambuilding in India integrating street culture.

Description: The word “rickshaw” originates from Japanese, which when literally translated means “human-powered vehicle”. The experience of building, branding and racing their own hand pulled rickshaws will test the teams ingenuity, creativity, analytical thinking and strategy. Working only with cardboard and cutters, teams divide roles, communicate, bond and piece together a sturdy rickshaw that is race ready. The grand finale is a high energy, adrenaline pumping race to the finish.

Key Business Benefits:

  • High energy
  • Visualizing the future
  • Promotes problem solving
  • Reinforces creative thinking
  • Supports strategic planning
  • Creates brand awareness

Numbers: 20 – 600
Time: 1.5 – 3 hours
Location: Indoor or outdoors
Approach: Competitive



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