teamwork and collaboration through team building, India

A great challenge to emphasize teamwork and collaboration. Most of us consider a competitive working environment as the norm, but in Flat Out Pyramids the teams quickly realize the positive power of effective teamwork and collaboration.

Description: Invigorate your team with an exciting analytical challenge, that will require teamwork and collaboration, networking and constant communication. Working with just cardboard or corrugated sheets, your teams will create 3 dimensional structures and then collaborate across the floor to piece together the various parts into a giant pyramidal structure  (almost like a 3D jigsaw). Careful planning, preparation, cross team collaboration and attention to detail will ensure a seamless end result that your team will be proud to display.

The final design can be enhanced with your branding to produce a great backdrop and make for a classic photo-op.

Flat out pyramids is one of the unique team building activities that can be conducted for pretty much any group size, be it at an employee offsite, vendor meet or conference.

Key Business Benefits:

  • One team, one organization mind set
  • Collaboration and networking
  • teamwork and collaboration
  • Brand Awareness
  • Internal and cross team communication
  • Analytical thinking

Numbers: 30 – 1500
Time: 3 hours
Location: Indoor or outdoors
Approach: Collaborative
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