team building with art

The big picture is the perfect example of collaborative team building with art at its best. Teams will network and collaborate to create a custom designed giant multi canvas artwork that will convey the essence of the conference. There’s no better way to combine team building with art as in the d’frens big picture.

Organizations often grapple with communicating their vision and goals to employees. The Big Picture is an engaging creative session that will allow every team member to be involved in creating and embracing the organizational perspective. Working on a blank canvas, participants network and collaborate to draw and join pencil lines across the picture. The painting then comes to life as the canvases are filled with color.

At every stage, teams will interchange roles, network, collaborate and work together to create their masterpiece.

The big picture is more than just an innovative team building with art challenge. It is truly collaborative session where everyone appreciates the need to work together to achieve their goals. The art makes this a fun experience and the final revelation of the completed masterpiece leaves even the greatest critic, dumbstruck in awe.

See the following video for a better understanding of collaborative team building through The Big Picture.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Develop Networking Skills
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Creative thinking
  • Visualizing the future
  • Group Unification
  • Strategic Planning

Big Picture, our team building with art, complements best with: 

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Numbers: 30 – unlimited
Time: 2 hours
Location: Indoors
Approach: Collaborative
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