Team building theater

Create your own puppet theater as a team building event

Organizations want their teams to embrace process improvement and achieve operational excellence. Puppet Masters is one of those activities that lets you create your own characters. Your team will also script dialogue, understand what makes for good production and constantly improvise in order to stage your show. Team building theater is a powerful way of taking your group through all the stages of building effective teams

Stage production is a serious art form whose success rests squarely on team work and team efficiency. In addition, when facilitated as a team building theater event it is also a lot of fun. In Puppet Masters, your teams will learn the basics of creating different kinds of puppets and muppets from scratch. They will conceptualize the characters, create them, script a story, rehearse, improve and perform.

Mimicry, voice overs, creating back drops, developing the characters and their costumes are all part of the game that will culminate in a 5 minute performance by each team. The ability of the team to visualize the final product is a key element of this engaging session.

Puppet Masters exemplifies team building theater with innovation and creativity while emphasizing process improvement, resource utilization, time management, and thereby operational excellence. In the course of the activity, your teams will naturally assume different team roles of communicators, disrupters, coordinators, enablers and leaders. As much fun as you can derive and as much learning as you are willing to absorb.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Future visualization
  • Process Improvement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Planning and strategy
  • Role definition and delegation
  • Resource utilization

Numbers: 30 – 200
Time: 3 hours
Location: Indoors
Approach: Fun & Competitive

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