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Business Simulation through pirate trade

Create win-win relationships through this innovative team building business simulation. Through this activity, your group will appreciate negotiation, the benefits of relationship building and a focus on long term goals,  and overall value creation.

Trade Winds is all about how to build and create win-win relationships while planning for long term returns rather than short term gains. It is a supercharged team building trading game of information gathering, haggling,  and building trust, which guarantees to break down barriers and unite groups while enforcing the key principles of negotiation. With each team representing one of the 12 pirate ships sailing the seas, there’s bound to be a lot of under currents. When you give them the added objective of increasing the value of their cargo through trading and negotiations among each other, there’s bound to be some skepticism, conflict and even disbelief. However, our expert facilitators can get even this kind of group into discussion and negotiation.

The theming of the event with Pirate bandanas, cutlasses and cargo make this a fun event where role play adds to the aura.  The activity can be further customized for your event theming. Barely 75 minutes in duration, its also easy to fit into any agenda or schedule.

Trade winds is your perfect conference energizer, team building activity and business simulation for any high energy customer facing group. Also great for cross functional/department groups.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Future Visualization
  • Networking Skills
  • Risk Management
  • Create win-win relationships
  • Market Knowledge
  • Customer Relationship

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Trade winds - business simulation
Numbers: 20 – 500
Time: 75 – 120 minutes
Location: Indoor, Cluster
Approach: Collaborative
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