business simulation team game

A business simulation team game for time management

A business simulation team game can sometimes fall flat on its objectives – not First Among Equals. First among equals is fun, fully engaging and captivating. Its been designed to bring out aspects of project management teams and highlight key decision making process under pressure. How would you prioritize and select the right task to do when your team believes in something else. How would you change things so that you can deliver within the time frame promised? How do you analyze and recognize the strengths of your team?

In first among equals, you will learn how to prioritize when time is running out and you need to maximize returns. Its an ideal business simulation team game for any group that is interested in highlighting the gaps and introspecting – in a fun and fully engaging manner.

This is an activity where teams are provided options to complete a set number of tasks within a time frame. Which tasks they choose in what order determines their scoring and ability to progress. As a business simulation team game, it also provides opportunity for picking up great skills  and assessment of risks.

Key Business Benefits:

  • Prioritization
  • Team planning
  • Recognition of strengths and weaknesses
  • Risk assessment
  • Project management

First Among Equals complements best with: 

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Numbers: 30-100
Time: 2 hours
Location: Indoor or outdoor
Approach: Competitive

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