Need for Speed

Team Building Game with Cars

Engages 10-150

Competitive and collaborative

Indoor with Tables


90-100 Minutes + Debrief

Its fun to have a team building game with cars but our business simulations have been created specific to what customers expect and want.

Need for speed has been designed and created as a team activity for compliance, audits, collaboration, identifying team roles and much more. While a lot of us expect compliance and audit to be a boring routine, Need for Speed is anything but mundane or boring. Its fast paced, energetic and fully engaging. What else can you expect when its a team building game with cars.

Need for Speed has been designed for teams to appreciate process improvement, adaptability to change and also compliance. Its interesting, fun and frenetic too – just the right atmosphere for teams to see what happens to quality and compliance when they are in a bit of a rush. Need for speed is a great learning activity from junior management all the way to C-Level executives.


How does the activity work?

Teams begin to assemble the parts provided. There are multiple components and multiple end products here so your teams would need to segregate and then assemble. In the rush to get the job done fastest, quality will take a back seat. It’s only when we get to the second and third rounds that teams will realise that this teambuilding game with cars is an activity for compliance and not just Speed.


What are the Learnings from this team activity on compliance?

Time Management, Collaboration, Process Improvement, Compliance, Focus on Quality, Identifying Individual and Team Roles, Situational Leadership. Whew, long list but every one of these gets highlighted through this one activity. Don’t take this up unless you can allow time for a good debrief too.


Do we get to keep the finished Products?

Aha. We were wondering when you’d ask us this question. Everyone does. Every time. They’re just that beautiful. Unfortunately, no. You don’t get to keep these wonderful finished products. And if you wanted us to order these for you, it would be a 2 month lead time.


Which Group is this team activity compliance best suited for?

As we mentioned above, you should consider putting every one of your teams through this activity. But then, we possibly say the same about every one of our activities. Don’t take our word for it. Experience it and take the call. But in short, the takeaways are so powerful that it’s not just a team building game with cars involved that make it fun. It’s about compliance and audit. It’s for customer-facing teams, it’s for project management teams and it’s for everyone who is not a part of either of these two group too.


Key Benefits

  • Work in groups
  • Negotiation
  • Multi-team management
  • Process management
  • Real-life business simulation
  • Attention to detail
  • Decision making
  • Situational leadership
team building game with cars, team activity for compliance and audit, risk vs. reward, process improvement
team building game with cars, team activity for compliance and audit, risk vs. reward, process improvement
team building game with cars, team activity for compliance and audit, risk vs. reward, process improvement
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