Two Tribes

Hunts Each of the carefully sequenced sporting challenges in Two Tribes is designed to encourage people of all physical abilities to participate in a fun and supportive environment. Designed to set the pulse racing, this healthy experience is all about integrity, inclusion...
Feb 27, 2013


Hunts Use GPS to find your clues and progress in a hunt with a difference. Navigator is a high energy activity with technology thrown in for additional challenges. Ciphers, cryptograms and riddles make the quest a lot more challenging and the time limit only adds to the...
Jul 30, 2012
The Discovery Challenge

The Discovery Challenge

Hunts An adventurous quest and treasure hunt with a technological edge. Bringing satellite technology together with an adventure that takes in history, mystery and fascinating locations. he Discovery Challenge takes teams on an exciting and challenging journey. Specially...
Jul 29, 2012
The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

Hunts Team Building with treasure hunt – The Amazing Race Experience the local culture and complete tasks while competing with other teams vying for the prize. Crack clues, soak in the culture, travel around using the local mode of transport or in cabs and compete...
Jul 28, 2012


Hunts Compete until you have to collaborate in solving this mystery that will take you all over the location. Highly charged and frenetic activity that barely allows teams to assess situations. Going by gut, the teams race only to find that they have missed key aspects and...
Jul 27, 2012


Hunts   Crack the mystery and find the murderer before you run out of time. More than a murder mystery, this is a quest to find the right answers. And while doing this, chances are that you will b questioning yourselves too. A highly engaging session that will allow you to...
Jul 26, 2012
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