Team Raft-Afloat

Innovation Team Building Raft Exercise in India – Flat out Afloat The world’s most innovative and exciting team building raft exercise is now in India! All the more challenging because your team is going to build their boat or raft using only cardboard and corrugated...
Oct 9, 2013

Formula Fun Racing

Innovation Team Building with Car Racing Already considered the best team building car racing activity in India, it won’t be long before our customers start telling us that this is the best team building activity. Period. Racing has always been associated with efficient...
Jul 30, 2012

Bridging The Divide

Innovation Team Building for Project Management A collaborative construction project with teams working in unison to build an impressive bridge as part of “Bridging the Divide” is the ideal team building for project management that you can get anywhere in India...
Jul 29, 2012
Flat Out Rickshaw Rally

Flat Out Rickshaw Rally

Innovation One of the most unique team building activities in India. Its a riotous ‘race off’ with full sized cardboard construction kits. Your teams will also get creative by adding color to this truly indian vehicle. Flat out rickshaw rally is an example of corporate...
Jul 28, 2012


Innovation “One of the really cool team building activities “ The Actuator is one of our really cool team building activities. Competitive and collaborative at the same time. In this activity you will create and build sections of a machine that will trigger the next...
Jul 27, 2012
Flat Out Pyramids

Flat Out Pyramids

Innovation A great challenge to emphasize teamwork and collaboration. Most of us consider a competitive working environment as the norm, but in Flat Out Pyramids the teams quickly realize the positive power of effective teamwork and collaboration. Description: Invigorate your...
Jul 26, 2012
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