Trade Winds

Trade Winds

Business Business Simulation through pirate trade Create win-win relationships through this innovative team building business simulation. Through this activity, your group will appreciate negotiation, the benefits of relationship building and a focus on long term goals,  and...
Jul 30, 2012

Market Leader

Business   Seize the advantage of a first mover while outthinking your competition in all aspects Market leader is all about staying one step ahead of the competition. Although we start with a level playing ?eld, the teams that plan better and strategize will forge ahead. A...
Jul 29, 2012
River Runner

River Runner

Business Team building through a customer satisfaction activity Indoor white water rafting game that explores the customer experience, leadership and planning. A high energy indoor customer satisfaction activity where each team is a rafting company facing the mental and...
Jul 28, 2012

The Tower of Babel

Business Conflict management and resolution is best taught through experiential learning and The Tower of Babel is possibly the best activity in this space. In just 75 minutes, you will appreciate the importance of transparent communication while you attempt to build a tower...
Jul 27, 2012

First Among Equals

Business A business simulation team game for time management A business simulation team game can sometimes fall flat on its objectives – not First Among Equals. First among equals is fun, fully engaging and captivating. Its been designed to bring out aspects of project...
Jul 26, 2012

Server Down

Business   Recapture your company’s server that has been hacked by corporate espionage agents Description: A high energy competitive activity that requires intense team coordination, collaboration and problem solving abilities. Teams race against the clock to regain possession...
Jul 25, 2012
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