Internal communication is the art of connecting the organization with its people. It brings forward the organization’s point of view, and in return, understands the employees’ point of view as well.

However, organizations face the challenge of making sure the communication sent out is read. The host of e-mailers that flood mail boxes today, often go unread, and even unnoticed by landing in junk folders.

d’frens’ solutions to internal communication is strategic in nature. We apply a wholesome approach to our methods that promise a connect with the target group and deliver results.

The d’frens solutions move away from just the everyday e-mailers and adopt experiential methods of communication that spark curiosity and ensure impact and recall.

Our solutions understand the need from its core and work upwards towards the final goal of tackling the problem at hand.

We believe that successful internal communication is one that is impactful, measurable and the results of which resonate within the organization.

Some of the organizational domains that d’frens offers its communication solutions for are:

i] HR policies
ii] Risk and Information Security
iii] Values
iv] Diversity
v] Work-Life Balance
vi] Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
vii] Innovation
viii] Health and Wellness
ix] Motivation

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