D’frens has worked with a host of organizations to support their internal communication needs. Feel free to click on any of the following campaigns to request for a case study.

HR policies:
While organizations have their set of the rules, establishing them becomes a task. d’frens uses strategy, creativity and great recall techniques that ensure HR policies are not just understood but remembered as well. From dress code policies to compensation and benefits, d’frens designs campaigns that deliver the messages and measure the understanding.
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Risk and Information Security
Information Security policies are of prime importance in organizations where information is the key to its success or failure. d’frens uses unique techniques that enable an organization to make sure the new and the tenured employees alike are up-to-date with these policies.
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Values emote an organization’s culture, and when the organization grows in numbers, it is just as important to have everyone understand the importance of the organization’s Values and live them.
d’frens designs campaigns that keep the Values within an organization alive.
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From Women’s Security campaigns, to the promotion of diversity within an organization, d’frens uses sensitivity and creativity to drive down these messages.
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Corporate Social Responsibility Programs
d’frens designs campaigns that get an organization together, bringing alive the spirit of giving. Facilitating high participation and involvement from the workforce.
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Innovation is all about creating an environment that promotes the contribution of ideas and solutions. d’frens works with organizations to bring alive Innovation Days and maximize contribution.
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Health and Wellness and Work-Life Balance
Organizations work tirelessly to promote a healthy lifestyle, this in turn also helps reduce absenteeism on a daily basis. d’frens designs and supports the organization’s health drives by making health and wellness fun.
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