While the messages are many, d’frens uses some of the old and some great new mediums to communicate the messages. But what counts at the end of the day, is how we use them.

D’frens solutions typically follow a three phased approach. Our campaigns are designed with a pre-launch, launch and a sustenance plan in place.

We work with a seven step process for all our campaigns. These processes help us deliver effective campaigns with measurable results. Our seven step process includes:

Our campaigns are designed after a thorough understanding of the problem areas. Based on the requirement, we conduct a dipstick within the organization to understand the immediate situation at at. This allows us to comprehend the level of understanding when it comes to policies and more.
Our research includes going through all past efforts made by the organization to communicate the desired messages and the effectiveness of the same.

Post the research stage, we create concepts and approaches that would best fit the organization keeping the history of communication and the need in mind.

After the concepts have been decided on, d’frens chalks out a complete plan and flow for the campaign. Since our solutions are based entirely on strategy, it is during this phase that our campaign strategy is designed. Here we consider the best mediums to be used for communication and the best possible route to create an impact.

Our plans are then executed keeping in mind “timing”. Timing, we believe is a key instrument to the success of any campaign. Our execution determines the “when” and “where” of our approach. We plan out where best the decided mediums will work and for how long.

With all the preparations in place, the campaign is ready for roll out. Here d’frens executes the roll outs across locations simultaneously, making sure the campaign receives maximum attention and reaches the maximum number of people.

Organizations have several campaigns rolling out at the same time or the gaps between campaigns is not too far apart. How does an organization ensure that the learnings from these campaigns are practiced?
d’frens offers a sustenance plan to ensure that the messages communicated in a campaign do not wear out after the initial launch buzz.

All our campaigns come with effective measurement tools to calibrate the success of a campaign not just by the level of response it receives, but also, the depth of understanding or learning the campaign has managed to create.

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