Any employee engagement program is incomplete without an online component. This medium is most ideal when reaching out to participants who are either reluctant to participate in floor sessions or if you are looking at covering multiple locations at the same time, in the most economical manner.

At d’frens we have fully exploited the online space by offering our customers with engagement solutions that include online quizzes, photography contests, flash games, surveys, blogs, intranet portals, custom mailers and a whole lot more.

We have also designed online games and mailers for specific learning takeaways that include culture and values, information security, corporate risk and more.

No doubt the online component works best when coupled with on floor ideas, but some of its  benefits include:

  1. Quicker RoI – lower costs per person
  2. More eyeballs and hence, footfalls for your campaign
  3. Scalability – faster reach across multiple locations
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