The key to a successful Fun@Work program is good mix of engagement and thoughtful communication that conveys to the employee that the organization actually believes in being a fun place to work at. Having pioneered Employee Engagement in India, we design weekly Fun@Work programs for over 30 organizations across India. These programs are scalable, measurable, sustainable, and cost effective.

Our Fun@Work programs have been successfully run for:

Floor engagement

Custom on-floor engagements that consider business timelines, employee deliverables, meeting schedules and therefore typically take under ten minutes of an employee’s time.

Team engagements

Get the best out of your team program within your office! Lighten up your work space with team specific programs that pack in your desired learning takeaways too. You will worry a lot less about the RoI from now on.

Engagement in a box

For organizations that prefer to do it themselves, d’frens offers an economical “EE in a Box” solution. This loaded kit consists of fun activities, the required props and an instructional. A train-the-trainer session is optional.

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