The ‘How’ of Our Win at WoW Awards

d’frens was awarded 3 Golds at WOW Awards Asia 2017 - the largest recognition for MICE, LIVE Marketing & Entertainment Industry. We won the 3 Golds in the following categories:   Gold # 1 - Corporate training / education program of the year Gold # 2 - Corporate team...

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4 Key Takeaways from Team Building Activities

Many clients ask me about what should the takeaways from team building activities be. So here are the top 4 takeaways from team building activities based on my own experience. When selling team building programs, I don't often get an opportunity to experience it as a...

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5 Simple tips for planning your next offsite

Delhi is a hot place to live in for most part of the year. That’s probably why local organisations seek out cooler destinations for teams offsite. In any case, an offsite seems that much more exciting when you are going out of the city you live in, even if it is to a...

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Team Building Lessons from Cricket

Cricket is a great sport, and many of us love to watch it, and talk about it endlessly. Have you ever realized that Cricket is a lot more than just a great sport? It offers great lessons for team building and even for leadership, that we often don’t pay enough...

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Team Building Through The Ages

Team building through the ages is a tongue-in-cheek infographic but also a ready reckoner to help you figure out if your company is really keeping up with the changing times of team building options or if you're still stuck in a different era.

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