Author: Srikanth Murthy

People are our most valuable assets. Do you really mean it?

Srikanth Murthy Director, d'frens LinkedIn Employee engagement is our favorite subject and something that we have been hearing for a long time now is that “people are our most valuable assets.” Most of us have been saying it too. But, do we really mean it? Let’s check. Here’s a question: Do you have a documented Employee Engagement Strategy? I don’t mean elaborate policies, processes, and principles. Nor am I referring to the employee satisfaction or employee happiness initiatives that are discussed and decided in the boardroom.  Myth buster alert: Employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction or...

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Is employee engagement a world hunger problem?

Srikanth Murthy Director, d'frens LinkedIn Is employee engagement a world hunger problem? No? Then why hasn’t employee engagement improved despite the millions of employee engagement consultants helping organizations? Over the last five years, Employee Engagement has moved from being a buzz word to being one of the key indicators of how well the HR department is functioning. Careers have been made and lost while an army of consultants came armed with plans, strategies, and tools that would help infuse engagement into the employees of organizations big and small. But, the magic pill dished out hasn’t worked and global surveys...

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