Author: Sachid Tharayil

5 Unusual & Empowering Ways to Celebrate Women’s Day

Individually and collectively, women have fought to bring about changes to their situation at the workplace. But truth be told, many companies pay lip service to celebrating women at the workplace. Truly outstanding companies and businesses push for better ways to celebrate Women: to show appreciation, and to strive for gender equality. While you can decide a theme of your own, the day needs to be about appreciating, empowering, and celebrating Women’s contribution to the basic family unit, to people’s lives and the society in general.  Here are some important things you can do to celebrate Women’s day at...

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Top 9 Employee Engagement and Team Building Trends for 2017 in India

Wow… 2017 is almost here. Another year goes past, with a lot happening in employee engagement and team building. Are you set for the year ahead? Before you say yes, look at these trends and see if your plans are aligned. Trend # 1 – Gen-Y meets Gen-Z under Gen-X’s Watch Some organizations haven’t yet found answers for engaging their Gen-Y workforce, and now here comes Gen-Z. What’s the big deal you may ask? Well, this is the first year when all three generations will be working together! And, here is the kicker: some of your Gen-Y employees will...

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d’frens Kicks Off the Season of Giving with World-First Team Building Event

The Catalyst Global network will mark the world’s first 24-hour continuous team building treasure hunt on December 12 As the holiday season approaches, d’frens and 40 other Catalyst Global partners around the world  are coming together to mark the season of giving through the world’s first 24-hour continuous corporate team building treasure hunt, Go Give. On December 12, Catalyst Global partners – the world’s largest network of team building providers – will follow the sunrise around the globe, kicking off the day in each time zone with Go Give, one of Catalyst Global’s unique Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team...

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30 Tips for an Effective Corporate Annual Day

30 Corporate Annual Day Tips Annual days are the best and the most complete form of employee engagement. It’s important to get it right each time you do it.  Here is a big list of best practices you can follow with your next annual day. I’ve tried to cover most of the tips for an effective annual day. There are still a lot more covering each stage of the annual day planning, execution and measurement. These 30 can be a good starting point. There is a lot of detail behind each point, read it in the context of your own...

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100 Tips for Effective Internal Communications

100 Tips for Effective Internal Communications – Series # 1 Tips for effective internal communications. Why is it required? Internal communications is a thankless job and a challenging profession. There you go, I said it. Everyone in the organization has an opinion about how internal communications should do their job. I love the passion with which the internal communication teams still go about doing their job in getting the entire organization on the same page. Make no mistake, this is one function that has enough power to change the course of any organization. And hence, the tips for effective internal...

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