Author: Rupert Picardo

The best outdoor teambuilding games for December, January and February in India

Its that time of the year when we can all confidently step out. Good weather, not much chance of rainfall and we’d much rather be outdoor than indoor. It’s also one of the most popular times for conferences and team offsites. Yet, we tend to see how legacy team building activities like marble run, hoops and other similar silly excuses of team building end up on the agenda. So here’s a quick list of the best outdoor teambuilding activities that you can choose in December, January and February, in India. 1. A bespoke tablet based digital treasure hunt  Wait...

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Team Building Through The Ages

Team building through the ages is a tongue-in-cheek infographic but also a ready reckoner to help you figure out if your company is really keeping up with the changing times of team building options or if you’re still stuck in a different...

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6 things to make your corporate annual days different

6 things that can make your corporate annual day effective and different Don’t bore your employees. Engage them. Create an experience. Build it up. It’s just one of a very few employee engagement initiatives that you do in a year. Don’t waste the opportunity. Don’t pander to a committee that doesn’t understand the importance of these two factors. Pander instead, to the employee that needs and craves the engagement. In our last blog, we have seen how employees have developed distaste for routine and mundane activities. This clearly showed a drop in the turnout and also engagement. Several of my...

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Are you boring your employees with mundane and unimaginative annual day approaches?

Are you boring employees with mundane and unimaginative annual day approaches? It’s time for the annual day celebrations at your office again. It’s been a year since the last one. Wow. But hang on, where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the fun? What’s that you’re hearing? “Wait – didn’t we just do this exact same thing a couple of years ago? Or was that at my previous org?” “Oh no, are we getting another bag?” “Oh please, don’t tell me it’s the pirate or Bollywood theme again!!” “It’s a waste of time. I doubt I will go this year, either.” I’ve polled about...

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Complaint Diet

A good friend recently introduced me to a new diet she was trying. It caught my attention because it allowed her to eat meat, bacon, eggs and practically any fatty (read, yummy) food without restriction. And you know what? She lost a third of her weight in just three months, and more importantly she’s looking fresh, happy and radiant. The diet put a 180 flip on every other weight loss project I’d known. But there still aren’t too many takers for it. Because it seems to be practically sinful. Whoever thought that you would lose weight by eating all...

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