Author: Oscar D'Silva

Popular team building activities for the millennials

Oscar D'Silva Director, d'frens LinkedIn Popular Team Building Activities for the Millennials Irrespective of how enthusiastic the speaker is, a talk on “The importance of working as a team”, is not the most inspiring or effective way of getting the millennials to work as a team. And no, we do not recommend that as a team building activity for the young, middle age or old generation, in any way! So, then, you may ask, what are the activities that we do recommend? As I had touched upon in a previous post on How Millennials Learn, the younger generation loves...

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Day-1 at the Inventicon Learning and Development Event

What a fabulous day at Inventicon 2018, lndsummitindia. With the best L&D minds putting things in perspective at Inventicon, the first day of the summit made for an interesting event. When our country is on stride to hit its economic numbers, and as the nation becomes younger (median age of working adult in 2020 expected to be 27), and as analytics and gamification continue to be the hot topics in the learning space, the message was also clear that the organization has to retain it’s intrinsic human character. Coaching, Soft skills, team skills, Leadership are all human processes –...

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Don’t teach millennials. Help them learn.

“I will learn on my own” “Don’t teach me,” “ Oh, the boring training again.” These are some reactions I keep getting almost every day when I talk about training to my 22-year old niece. You might be hearing it a hundred times every day. I can understand. Why do they hate training so much? I kept wondering until I tricked her into telling me what she likes. The top one is at the end.  Bit sized and always accessible “I will learn when I need something” is the millennial attitude. Millennials follow an “on-demand” learning mode. They will...

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5 ways to make your women’s day celebration sweet

So, what do you want to achieve by celebrating woman’s day? That’s a good place to start. Define your goal clearly. The goals can be to: Improve the awareness of diversity at your organization Recognize the women talent Create awareness of the changing role of women at workplace and in society There you go. You already have a head start. Now to the activities. How much ever I hate to say that women’s day is not a one-day activity, I still get asked to suggest some cool events for women to make them feel special. So, here you go.  ...

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Team Building for the Champions

While the Indian Test Cricket team is battling it out on South African pitches and the Under-19 team is making tough progress in the U-19 World Cup, our Blind Cricket Team has yet again won the big prize – the World Cup. India beat Pakistan in the final played at the Sharjah Stadium last week. d’frens salutes these champions for making the nation proud and displaying undying spirit and incredible attitude. It was an honor running a musical motivation session for the Indian team before they left to Sharjah. d’frens ran a high power Drum Circle, a rhythm and...

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