Author: Bhagya Mehrotra

Are Your Employees Seeing the Big Picture?

Remember the story of the 3 workers at a construction site? When asked about what they were doing, each of them had a different response. The first one said he was laying bricks; the second said he was building a wall and the third who was the most cheerful and happy, said he was building a cathedral. A simple yet effective story that shows the power of Big Picture thinking. It is extremely vital for an organisation to share its vision with their employees; better still have the employees sketch it out, shape it and own it. It is...

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Diversity Lessons from Dangal – For both Men and Women

A recent and highly successful Indian biopic called Dangal has a sequence where all the opponents (boys) in young Geeta Phogat’s first wrestling tournament are worried most about losing to her. Firstly, they find it difficult to accept that a girl has entered a sport that was perceived to be “boy’s only”. But the bigger fear is not about competing against her. It’s about losing to her. And this is depicted so clearly. Sadly, the boys don’t care whether they win or lose to each other, but none of them want to lose to a GIRL. I want to...

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Truth be told, winning never gets old!

We may act blasé about winning after getting some 8 awards in the last 15 months alone, but each of us at d’frens cherishes every one of these awards as they are a testament to the sweat and hard work that has gone into making that experience special.   People engagement is challenging. I know we make it look effortless but whether it is engaging with a group of 15 senior leaders who have been there, done that or with a group of 800 techies with a very small attention span, the challenges are many. However the journey from the moment you...

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The ‘How’ of Our Win at WoW Awards

d’frens was awarded 3 Golds at WOW Awards Asia 2017 – the largest recognition for MICE, LIVE Marketing & Entertainment Industry. We won the 3 Golds in the following categories:   Gold # 1 – Corporate training / education program of the year Gold # 2 – Corporate team building activity of the year Gold # 3 – On-ground promotion of the year for brand awareness   We won a Gold and a Silver for Corporate team building activity of the year in 2016 as well, the first year that we submitted our entries. As we mingled with peers,...

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4 Key Takeaways from Team Building Activities

Many clients ask me about what should the takeaways from team building activities be. So here are the top 4 takeaways from team building activities based on my own experience. When selling team building programs, I don’t often get an opportunity to experience it as a participant. That changed last month during our own company offsite and it has further reinforced my strong belief that team building is extremely important and critical for any organisation and any team irrespective of size or industry.  In three team building activities over 2 days, I had great fun bonding with my own team and the...

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