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about d'frens

d’frens (pronounced: difference |ˈdif(ə)rəns|) was founded in 2005 to address the need for people engagement in organizations by focusing on experiential rather than theory. This approach has enabled us to create and deliver through innovative solutions that have measurable impact and effective outcome.

Since inception, we have transformed this focus to an unmatched expertise that can create the right experience for you in the areas of Team Building, Employee Engagement, Internal Communication, Gamified Learning, Training programs, offsites, at conferences, leadership programs, workplace communication campaigns, and any other organizational requirement that you might have.




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Why we do what we do

Engaging people is tricky. Whether it is at the workplace while trying to showcase that its a great place to work, or at company offsites and team outbounds through team building activities. Or during conferences or even at training programs.

But that’s what we’ve found challenging and interesting at d’frens

Understanding people, knowing what will work for a specific group and what won’t. And having the right approach and methodology to do it. That’s what engaging people is all about. In almost eleven years, we’ve had a few feathers in our cap and proud that each of these have enabled us to get better and offer more.

We’ve conducted more drum circles/drum jams in India than anyone else. We’ve conducted team building programs for the best in India, and continue to do so.

We’ve constantly innovated and created new team building activities in India. So much so that others are now directly filching more than just the music and drumming activities.

Tied up with International team building leaders – Catalyst Global, to exclusively deliver their world class teaming solutions across India. Now you can have the exact same team building solution that your peers in other countries attend.

Exclusive License to conduct FreshBiz, one of the most powerful gamified learning solutions for managerial and leadership groups, in India. We’ve also created bespoke learning programs with gamified and experiential content for you. Not by saying “this is what we have”, but by asking “what do you need?”

Our employee engagement offerings today span the widest range. We’ve rolled out culture and values programs, designed customised induction programs, engaged large group audiences at the workplace, on the floor and at the cafeteria; we’ve custom designed communication campaigns to drive home experiential messages and we’ve taken up the challenge of keeping your employees and their spouses/kids engaged during your annual day and celebration days.

See the d’frens

If you have teams that need to be strengthened, a workforce that needs to be motivated, messages and policies that need to be conveyed, managers than need to be trained – d’frens has a solution.